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Research & Development Program

An important function of the NSW Cyber Security Network is to discover and promote the excellent R&D capabilities which already exist inside NSW universities. The Network Members have specialised areas of research and technical excellence, such as machine learning, cloud security, data analytics, security assurance, cryptography, applications security, trust and governance.

It is critical that these specialist teams are connected with one another, so that they can produce the best outcomes for industry and Government. To date, this cross-campus, cross-disciplinary R&D has been elusive. It is the job of the NSW Cyber Security Network to address this, so that user-led research challenges can be met with the most productive R&D process.

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$10M Government initiative to fund SMB cyber security checks

Thu 6th December 2018

Small businesses will feel more secure, with the launch of a new $10 million cyber security initiative today.

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NSW Cyber Security Network Industry Roundtable

Fri 26th October 2018

On September 18, 2018, the NSW Cyber Security Network held its first public event - Cyber Connections for a Stronger NSW - a round-table for industry, universities, government and students to identify the key requirements for robust cyber security in New South Wales, and how this might be achieved.

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