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Cyber Vouchers

The Cyber Vouchers initiative encourages NSW small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to collaborate with NSW Cyber Security Network (NSWCSN) university Members on cyber security research projects.

Through Cyber Vouchers, SMEs can connect to a world-class expert in a relevant field of cyber security research and embark on an innovative joint research project. The program can also help SMEs access high tech facilities that might otherwise be difficult to access.

Cyber Vouchers applications will be awarded by the NSWCSN on a ‘first-in, first-considered’ basis. This is subject to all eligibility criteria and application process steps being met, expected project outcomes, NSWCSN priorities and initiative funding budget, as judged by NSWCSN management.

Funding is for amounts up to $15,000. All funding must be matched in cash or in-kind by the SME. Applicants can only be awarded one NSWCSN Cyber Voucher.

The NSWCSN Cyber Vouchers initiative is funded by the NSW Department of Industry and NSWCSN University Members.

What can I use a Cyber Voucher for?

Eligible businesses can use a Cyber Voucher to:

  • Conduct a seed or early phase research project in partnership with a NSWCSN University Member
  • Support a research project that will lead to an application for an Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme Innovation Connections or Accelerating Commercialisation, or other similar scheme, including possible later relevant Research Grant rounds of the NSWCSN.
  • Fund access to research facilities and equipment such as IoT Labs, e-research supercomputers, big data labs or other appropriate University Member facilities
  • Fund product or process design activities, such as engineering, software or algorithm development or technical design expertise
  • Access technical assistance
  • Validate or demonstrate technical capabilities of a product, process or technology
  • Conduct a controlled Technical Benchmarking exercise to provide qualitative and/or quantitative input on a product, process or platform’s performance or capabilities

Illustrative examples of Cyber Voucher case studies can also be found in the following document:

NSW CSN Cyber Vouchers Illustrative Case Studies (pdf)

What are areas of cyber security and priorities?

  • Cyber security is a broad and rapidly evolving landscape of challenges requiring multiple approaches, skills and technologies. The NSWCSN SME Cyber Voucher initiative seeks applicants from a wide set of industry backgrounds and experiences.
  • The emphasis is on assisting the development or advancement of new, innovative, commercialisable Cyber Security related products or services. Cyber security areas include:
    • Cloud security
    • Deception security
    • Encryption
    • Identity and access management
    • Managed security services
    • Risk & compliance
    • Security operations and incident responses
    • Software code security & quality
    • Data & mobile security
    • Fraud prevention
    • Industrial and Internet of Things security
    • Messaging security
    • Privacy preservation
    • Social engineering prevention
    • Threat intelligence and protection
  • The NSWCSN would particularly encourage applicants addressing cyber security challenges faced in the ‘Infrastructure and Smart Cities’ area, along with industries identified as Australia’s Strategic Priority Growth Sectors:
    • Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals
    • Mining Equipment, Technology and Services
    • Advanced Manufacturing
    • Oil and Gas
    • Food and Agribusiness
  • In addition, the NSWCSN welcomes Applications from SMEs who partner with Registered Organisations within NSW and/or NSW City Councils in their projects.
  • Priority is given to companies that:
    • Have not engaged with universities or other public sector research organisations in the past
    • Have not been working with research organisations for more than two years
    • Have an existing relationship with a research organisation and can demonstrate that receiving a Cyber Voucher will result in transformative improvement in the existing collaboration.

What is the application process?

Stage 1

  • Submit an application using the downloadable Application Form (doc format) to the email address. Along with the completed Application Form Applicants must also include:
    • a fully formed Quote* for their proposed project from one of the 8 University Members
    • last year’s profit and loss statements of the company or organisation
    • last year’s balance sheet of the company or organisation
  • QUOTE needs to be on University Letterhead, with sufficient and clear detail as to (i) the Cyber Security ‘Cyber Voucher’ project, (ii) itemised costs, (iii) SME / Organisation Contributions (cash and in-kind calculations); (iv) intended project activity schedule, (v) IP arrangements and (vi) signed by the relevant Head of Department or Dean.

Stage 2

  • The application is reviewed by the NSWCSN in consultation with the relevant University Member
  • If successful, the NSWCSN endorses the application to the University Member for final approval.
  • The University Member will contact the applicant notifying them that the application has been successful. An agreement between the company and the University Member is drawn up and signed.

Stage 3

  • Project will commence according to an agreement.

Stage 4

  • The company and the University Member each submit completion surveys.
  • The company submits proof of payment or in-kind contribution to the project.
  • The project is complete.

How much funding can I apply for through Cyber Vouchers?

Cyber Vouchers will be awarded on a “first in, first considered” basis to eligible NSW companies with compliant applications for amounts up to $15,000:

  • The voucher amount must be matched by the applicant in cash or in-kind
  • The voucher will be valid for use with any NSWCSN University Member
  • The voucher will be valid for a period of six months from the date of issue, with projects expected to take four months at most.
  • The voucher will not cover work already undertaken

Am I eligible for a Cyber Voucher?

Applications are welcome from Small and Medium-sized enterprises, including not-for-profits, which must have:

  • An ABN evidencing their NSW location
  • Fewer than 200 employees
  • Turnover of less than AUD$30 million per annum
  • Been in operation for at least one year
  • Be applying for a Project not previously awarded a Techvoucher under the NSW Boosting Business Innovation Program, and not already been successfully awarded a Cyber Voucher.

Who can I collaborate with?

Cyber Vouchers must be completed in collaboration with at least one of the 8 NSWCSN University Members:

How can I find a University Member to collaborate with?

Contact information for each of the NSWCSN University Members is:

Charles Sturt University

  • Industry Engagement Contact
    Jason White, Director, Research
    P: 02 69334748
  • Cyber Security Researcher contact 
    Tanveer Zia PhD
    Associate Professor in Computing
    P: 02 69332024

Macquarie University

  • Industry Engagement contact
    Julian Zipparo
    Manager, Pre Award Research Services
    P: 9850 8609
  • Cybersecurity Researcher contact
    Professor Dali Kaafar

University of New South Wales

  • Industry Engagement contact
    Ms Danielle Neale
    M: 0481 451 636
  • Cybersecurity Researcher contact
    Professor Sanjay Jha
    M: 0403 024 462

University of Newcastle

  • Industry Engagement contact
    Dr Paula Jones
    Director, Research and Innovation
    P: (02) 4921 7733
  • Cybersecurity Researcher contact
    Professor Vijay Varadharajan

University of Sydney

  • Industry Engagement contact
    Commercial Development and Industry
    T (02) 9351 4000
  • Cybersecurity Researcher contact
    Dr Suranga Seneviratne
    Lecturer – Security
    P: 9351 4459

University of Technology Sydney

  • Industry Engagement contact
    Lesley Hine
    Research Engagement Associate
    P: 9514 1261
  • Cybersecurity Researcher contact
    Professor RenPing Liu

University of  Wollongong

  • Industry Engagement contact
    Zahra Shahbazian
    Advantage SME Manager
    P: 4221 5045
  • Cybersecurity Researcher contact
    Professor Willy Susilo
    P: 4221 5535

Western Sydney University

  • Industry Engagement contact
    Mr Don Wright
    T (02) 9678 7200
  • Cybersecurity Researcher contact
    Professor Alana Maurushat

The University Member contacts can assist businesses to find the right researcher to collaborate with to complete their project.

The NSWCSN can also assist facilitate introductions to University Member contacts: please contact us at

What counts as an ‘in-kind’ matching contribution?

  • In-kind Contribution means a contribution of time, or goods, services, or materials to the Project by the Successful Applicant. In most cases this will be the value of the time Successful Applicant staff spend on Project Activities once the Project commences. Values should be calculated based on the most likely actual cost of labour or goods. The calculations covering the expected ‘in-kind’ contributions of the Applicant should be documented by the Network University Member as a separate part of the Quote.
  • The matching contribution by the successful Applicant can be a mix of cash (which will be paid to the relevant Member University) and in-kind.

What are NSWCSN Cyber Voucher Eligible Expenses for University Members undertaking projects with a SME?

  • University Academic & Researcher time at normal rates.
  • Reimburseable travel & reasonable consumables (documented evidence supportable).
  • No administrative or facility-related charges.
  • No capital item purchases or depreciation charges.

How long will the NSWCSN Cyber Vouchers initiative run?

  • The NSWCSN Cyber Vouchers initiative is intended to run from early April 2019 till late December 2019, subject to available funding. Given that awarded vouchers have a life of six months and most projects are expected to take four months at most, last applications are likely to be considered in late July 2019.
  • Applications are awarded on a ‘first in, first considered’ basis subject to all eligibility criteria and application process steps being met, and on expected project outcomes, NSWCSN priorities and initiative funding budget, as judged solely by NSWCSN management.

Application Form

NSWCSN Cyber Voucher Application Form (docx)


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