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New South Wales Cyber Capability Driving Jobs and Growth

The NSW Cyber Security Network (NSW CSN) connects the research strengths of the state's leading universities with the top cyber security challenges for industry.

The NSW Cyber Security Network (NSWCSN) facilitates collaboration between universities specialising in cyber-related research, promotes their capabilities, and supports their connection with industry. The Network is funded by the New South Wales Government through the Department of Industry’s Office of the Chief Scientist and Engineer. Member universities also contribute funding.

Machine learning, cloud security, data analytics, security assurance, cryptography, applications security, trust and governance, are the key areas of cyber research specialty in the NSWCSN.

Building a workforce of cyber-professionals with the skills to defend business and government from cyber attacks and grow the state’s economy is another key task for the NSWCSN. It does this through a workforce development program which includes PhD scholarships and collaboration with the TAFE and wider VET sector.

The NSWCSN complements the NSW Defence Innovation Network and the NSW Smart Sensing Network, also funded by the NSW Government.

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Who Are We?

The NSW Cyber Security Network (NSWCSN) is a place where industry, government and research institutions collaborate to build future-focused cyber security capabilities. NSWCSN also has a charter to develop a talent pool that can protect the state’s utilities, businesses and public infrastructure from the global threat of cyber attack. NSWCSN is made up of seven Member Universities and is funded by the NSW Government through the Office of the Chief Scientist and Engineer. Its aim is to position NSW as a leader in cyber security.

Increasingly, challenges to industry and government are being addressed through international research capacity and collaboration, based on the need for rapid response in an environment of increasing online threat. Large corporate organisations now rely less on internal R&D capacity and seek support through government collaborative funding and substantially larger research capacities found in universities and public industrial research organisations. NSW is home to first-class universities that are building capacity to lead this wave of R&D innovation. Almost all of these institutions are members of the NSWCSN.

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Our Mission

Our era is characterised by an exponential growth in Information Technology and Communications, including an unprecedented growth in sensors and devices, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and new communication platforms. Control systems and devices are rapidly becoming interconnected and producing vast quantities of data. These developments are rapidly improving the way we live and work, our safety, economic and social opportunities. However, the growth of technology and interconnected nature of systems has increased our vulnerability to malicious attacks at the technological level.

All levels of Australian Government have developed strong responses to protect our economy and citizens from these new vulnerabilities. The NSW Government has proactively established a number of cyber security responses including NSW CSN, to accelerate our State’s capacity to respond to cyber incidents by investing in the long-term education and research capacity-building required to provide the knowledge and workforce needs of the state in this important area.

In supporting NSW universities to coordinate and accumulate the necessary levels of cyber security education and research resources, the NSW Government is preparing the way for NSW to become a powerhouse in the export of training and knowledge services in cyber security.

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Our Key Capabilities

Our members offer the strongest collection of capabilities in NSW research, consulting and education.

Our capabilities include:

  • Security, including 5G and IoT
  • Privacy
  • Cryptography
  • Social, Business and Legal Dimensions
  • Health and Cyber Security
  • Energy and Cyber Security

Recent News

Alana Maurushat, one of three new NSWCSN Cyber Ambassadors

NSW Cyber Security Network brings top talent to new Cyber Ambassador Program

Wed 19th December 2018

First Cyber Ambassadors selected for NSW Cyber Security Network

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Recent Events

NSW Cyber Security Network Industry Roundtable

Fri 26th October 2018

On September 18, 2018, the NSW Cyber Security Network held its first public event - Cyber Connections for a Stronger NSW - a round-table for industry, universities, government and students to identify the key requirements for robust cyber security in New South Wales, and how this might be achieved.

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